Token offer

  • Number of tokens for the above ICO = 3 mln.
  • Value of 1 NBAC = $ 100
  • Offered amount of NBAC tokens for investors = 2.850.000
  • Number of NBAC tokens constituting remuneration for the Owner and Project Manager = 150.000
  • Earned profitability is divided into the total number of tokens concerning the above ICO (3 mln.)

The owner of the project and the manager does not charge additional remuneration, because by keeping the tokens in an amount of 150.000, decides to participate this way in the generated profits for this investment.

  • The guaranteed interest rate for customers making investments in the Pre-ICO period is 20,6 % calculated on an annual scale and will be counted from the date of making the investment and in the ICO period it is a guaranteed 19,1 % calculated on an annual scale and will be counted from the day of making the investment.
  • The profits are guaranteed in their minimum size, but they can be much higher, which will result from the final financial settlement after the sale of the assets.
  • The investment lasts 1 year from the end of the Pre-ICO.
  • The payment of the capital and the profits for each Token will be made within 14 days from the end of the investment period, in other words, after the completion of the project concerning the above ICO.
  • The above-given interest rates are minimal, guaranteed values, and their amount may increase depending on the profitability obtained for this investment. The profitability that will be attributed to each purchased token will result from the financial result that will be submitted at the end of the investment, before the payment of funds due to the investors, all tokens owners and co-owners of the purchased assets.
  • The owner of each token becomes a co-owner of the purchased assets.
  • All purchased assets are certified.
  • The purchase of the assets will take place in a period of maximum 30 days from the end of the ICO.
  • After the purchase of the assets, they will be transported and deposited in Geneva, in dedicated safety deposit boxes for this investment, which are located in specialized and protected premises that are provided by the companies Degussa and Ferrari Expeditions, which specialize in the storage of assets of very high value. The assets will be insured up to their value by the company Allianz, which will result from the purchase invoices.
  • Purchased assets will be put up on auction for sale in the below-mentioned auction houses Sotheby's or Christie's. The location of the auction will be appropriately selected, depending on the type of assets that will be purchased and will be offered for sale.

Sotheby’s auction house

  • Geneva
    • Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels (November)
  • New York
    • Magnificent Jewels (December)

Christie’s auction house

  • Geneva
    • Magnificent Jewels (November)
  • New York
    • Magnificent Jewels (December)
  • Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels (November)
  • London
    • Important Jewels (November)
  • From the moment of the purchase of the assets and the selection of the location in which the auction will be carried out for a given asset, after signing contracts with one of the aforementioned auction houses, marketing activities will be carried out, which will last from 60 to 90 days in the pre-auction period, to disseminate the information about the asset auctioned by us, so as to interest with our products as many potential customers as possible. These activities will focus on informing the press, so that relevant articles appear in it, decorated with photography of a given asset, as well as talks in TV stations like CNBC, CNN, BBC and other that have dedicated business thematic programs, in which we could comment on our assets, the auctions themselves and which will measurably contribute to the increase of interest in the assets that we will offer for sale. These activities will be conducted and correlated together with the abovementioned auction houses. In addition, the auction houses too will create appropriate advertising materials, such as auction catalogs in which our assets will also be presented. Information about the auctions will also be placed on the websites of these auction houses, which will also contain photos and information about jewelry and diamonds that will be offered by us for sale. For the above activities will be allocated a maximum of 3% of the collected capital and all expenses in this respect will be properly documented.
  • The development of our activity in the Blockchain sector will involve the acquisition and purchase of further exceptional assets, in the implementation of subsequent investments, which will be offered to potential customers within ICO. The longer we will conduct our business, the greater will be our brand recognition, the greater will be the recognition of our Tokens, both on the market in the public offer, as well as in the Blockchain sector.

  • Among the other companies, we are also distinguished by the fact that within each ICO we provide the possibility to purchase our Tokens through barter exchange – Tokens in exchange for diamond and jewelry assets.