About Us

The Levy family

is one of the most famous and longest-established families in the diamond sector, whose start of operations in the sector dates back more than 300 years, to the mid-XVII century, when Benjamin Levy, born in Hamburg and living in London since his youth, as a shareholder of the British East India Company, made his first contacts in the diamond trade.

Diamonds, which decorate the exclusive jewelry of the most famous and best jewelry manufactures, and then become the property of the most distinguished customers purchasing such creations, are, among other, diamonds passing through the hands and coming from the resources of the Levy family and its Partners.


Levy and Partners are top-class experts in diamonds, as well as other precious stones and jewelry. The “Cullinan”, a diamond weighing more than 3106 carats – the largest diamond mined to date – was also entrusted to the Levy family, who were tasked, as representatives of King Edward VII, with selecting the best jewellers for its cutting. The diamond was cut in one of the best polishing companies in Amsterdam at that time, owned by the Asscher brothers. It was cut into a few dozens of smaller and nine large diamonds of different cuts, which later became part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, including the Great Star of Africa (“Cullinan I”), with over 530 carats, the largest colourless, polished diamond in the world to this day.

Levy and Partners are members and shareholders of many diamond bourses, including in London, Hong Kong, New York or Tel-Aviv, so in the world's most important diamond trading centres. Levy & Partners represent many generations of operations in the diamond sector on all of its levels, including diamond mining and refining, as well as their sales, including on the bourses and auctions.

Average annual diamond production

Approximately 120 - 130 million carats of rough diamonds are mined every year, from which approximately 45 % are industrial diamonds and approximately 55 % are suited to be sent for further processing, viable for obtaining gem, investment diamonds. Our partners and suppliers are responsible for the major part of the global diamond mining and for a significant part of the diamond refining sector, as well as for the trade of already polished diamonds, which annual amount approximates to 22 - 27 million carats. In addition, our partners, who are recipients of polished diamonds engaged in the production of jewelry, constitute a significant part of this sector, especially when it comes to the production of the most exclusive and luxurious jewelry.

All assets in our offer have certificates of the highest quality. We always abide by, implement and adhere to the principles set by the World Diamond Council, which have been approved by all members of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, and thus guarantee that the diamonds offered by us come from legal sources of indisputable origin and that ensure their highest quality.

Investment diamonds

are a great profit generator, because the process of refinement itself increases the value of these assets, whereas in some cases, depending on the parameters of a given diamond, the increase of the value of these assets is simply outstanding and therefore, diamonds are an ideal investment asset.

The situation is similar when the investment is based on diamonds already refined, polished, and which have exceptional parameters, including the right size, clarity or quality of the cut. The tremendous increase in the value of these assets occurs in this case, so for colorless diamonds, as well as for unique, colored diamonds and for historical diamonds and jewelry, especially when we take under consideration the storage period of these assets.

In the case of historical diamonds or jewelry, it should be noted that not only the beauty of a given diamond or jewel has a significant impact on its value, sale’s price, but also its history - to whom the given historic value belonged, when a given diamond was polished or a given jewel made, etc. In this case, it is worth remembering that the methods of refining diamonds and other gemstones in previous centuries, tools that were available at that time, cutting, polishing and processing methods, were different as in present times, so such stones, or jewels made of them, are made with smaller precision. In addition, it should also be noted that the types of the cuts have changed over the centuries, so in the case of historical assets, it is not the precision of polishing the stones or the making of a jewelry item, but the very different values ​​mentioned-above, that have a meaning. This also has a huge impact on the demand and the number of prices obtained for such unique assets.

Only many years of practical experience, the knowledge acquired for many generations, appropriate skills and cooperation with very special people in the diamond sector, allow for proper evaluation of such historical assets or colorless and colored diamonds that meet all the conditions to become investment assets, especially that we personally assess these in a highly reliable and ethical way, as well to ensure that we and the customers can exit from such an investment with a very high profit.

Levy and Partners are a group of people with diplomas from the most prestigious Gemmological Institutes in the world, people with vast experience, as well as successive generations of dynamically active and creative young successors. Such person is as well      Ms. MSc. Inez Levy, a qualified jewelry designer and certified gemmologist, an expert in rough and polished diamonds, including colored diamonds, as well as an expert in other precious stones. Ms. Levy is also a qualified manager and investment advisor specialised in alternative investments, which include such unique luxury goods and assets as diamonds and jewelry, including historical diamonds and jewelry that belonged to very prominent families or famous public life figures.

The new product, which are the Tokens, complements our portfolio, meeting a wider group of potential customers who, through the purchase of tokens, become investors and co-owners of a diamond and jewelry fortune, and hence - they will also belong to the “Diamond Circle” of our customers and people, who can pride themselves on such an unique investment.


Due to the very high level of financial entry for investments in diamonds and jewelry, which typically amounts to over USD 1 million for such unique assets, moving with the times and new technologies that appear on the market, including the development of the Blockchain sector, we decided to diversify our offer by providing you with the opportunity to purchase a very interesting and modern product, such as the already mentioned Token.

The investment takes place in this case through the purchase of a Token, which has its own metrics, which simply means that it is “ascribed” and dedicated to each customer individually, so the customer becomes its owner, which is synonymous with the fact that by purchasing a token, the customer becomes as well co-owner of a diamond and jewelry fortune, because the capital that corresponds to the given token is invested in these assets. For each of our offers, the investment proposal Noble Assets Coin, Fancy Assets Coin, Carat Assets Coin, it is precisely described and we present in depth on the dedicated to each of the offers websites (nobleassetscoin.io, fancyassetscoin.io, caratassetscoin.io).

Bearing in mind the above-mentioned aspects, Levy and Partners appointed to the above-mentioned business objective the registered in Great Britain company, Polin Investment Ltd., as well as the dependant companies Polin Investment and Polin Capital, which will be registered in several European Union countries, as well as in Switzerland, USA and other jurisdictions.

The special purpose companies implementing the above project manage diamond and jewelry assets of an exceeding value of USD 350 million.

With the capital that will be acquired thanks to the ICO, we will purchase unique assets, including historical assets, which we will dedicate for sale through auctions. In the case of other diamonds, colorless and colored, we will store them in a given investment period, which will increase their value, and then they will be sold to the most distinguished jewelry houses. The whole in accordance with the described forms of investment, in a diversified formula, as we offer you in the described sections for Tokens Noble Assets Coin, Fancy Assets Coin and Carat Assets Coin.









What are our strengths?

Most of all, it is history, tradition, availability of unique diamonds and jewelry, including historical assets, which in the majority of cases were found in the resources of well-known and distinguished aristocratic families and in the hands of well-known public figures. In addition, our advantage is the ability to value and sell these unique assets, also through auction houses.

Our market advantage is the access to color diamonds - including those of very large dimensions, which constitute a small part of the diamonds mined in the world - approximately 0,15 % of all resources that are mined.


Our competition?

Competition is an inadequate word in our case, because we operate on many levels, offering only unique diamonds and jewelry, also as alternative investments and as a wealth portfolio diversification. In addition, we enable our customers to store assets in dedicated for them safety deposit boxes in free zones in Switzerland, Hong Kong and other locations.

“Competition” can be as well considered companies such Asset Management, Wealth Management, Family Office and Private Banks, but only to a minimal extent, if we assume that such institutions also offer alternative investments for example in works of art, gold, etc. Never less, it is not competition in the real sense of the word, because all these companies operate on a certain level and have their niche.

We also have such niche and we develop it, cooperating with such entities, offering their customers assets in the form of diamonds or jewelry, including historical assets, which as an alternative investment are offered by these institutions to their customers as part of their investment, wealth portfolio diversification.


Our offer

is a long-term, strong relationship with our customers, built primarily on mutual trust and consideration for the customers’ individual needs.

Our guiding principle is above all a high business culture. We also guarantee you that your personal information will be kept at the highest possible level of confidentiality.
Only many years of practical experience, the knowledge acquired for many generations, appropriate skills and cooperation with very special people in the diamond sector, allow for proper evaluation of such historical assets or colorless and colored diamonds that meet all the conditions to become investment assets, especially that we personally assess these in a highly reliable and ethical way, as well to ensure that we and the customers can exit from such an investment with a very high profit. The matter related with the purchase and the investment in historical assets looks similarly.

Ennoblement, Exclusiveness, Wealth, Luxury … each of these words reflects the uniqueness of this offer, and luxury is after all a consequence of wealth. With us, thanks to the investments in Tokens based on diamonds and jewelry, you will speed up the implementation of your plans and the fulfilment of your dreams.


We invite You!


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